A few words about us

Established, award winning landscape contractor working in harmony with nature's own design elements to enhance your outdoor environment.

At H2O Landscaping, we approach small and large scale residential and commercial projects with the same degree of professionalism and enthusiasm.

Our expertise enables our clients to express their taste and actually makes it possible for them to visualize their completed project.

H2O Landscaping evolved out of G. Biancardi & Sons, a family business established in 1967.

While retaining the pride in workmanship which built the excellent reputation of the original company, H2O Landscaping employs modern equipment and the latest techniques such as computer imaging. As with the original company, quality is foremost in our business philosophy. We use premium materials to ensure a job well done.

What we offer

Our personalized approach puts us ahead of our competition.

At H2O Landscaping , we work closely with our clients through the entire planning stage and allow them the flexibility to plan large projects in phases.

Computer imaging enables our clients to see the finished project before any work actually begins. Using specialized software we then landscape right on the screen and provide our clients with a computer enhanced photo of what their landscaped area will look like.

The computer imaging method is a highly cost-effective and time-efficient way for our clients to make changes before the work begins on their project. We consider it the ultimate resource in creating client satisfaction.

H2O Landscaping provides clients with a wide range of products and services:

  • Natural landscaping
  • Water garden features
  • Lighting and irrigation
  • Commercial-Industrial snow removal
  • Wood works - Decks/gazebos/fences/arbours
  • Lawn and garden maintenance
  • Natural and Paver stone work
  • Seasonal Lawn and garden maintenance

Our Capabilities

Why use H2O Landscaping ?

  • Computer Generated Designs.
  • Planning and design experience.
  • Site analysis: Determining strengths and weakness and recommending what to highlight and what to conceal.
  • Knowledge of form, balance, scale and contrast.
  • The finesse to create the desired optical effect in small spaces.
  • The experience, manpower and equipment to make large projects manageable
  • The ability to create a style based on the existing space and your taste.


I am particularly pleased with H2O Landscapings proactive approach. Our experience with them has proven that they are serious about their work.
Eric Dumouchel
MDS Pharma Services

H2O Landscaping has been looking after our gardens since 1986. We highly recomend their services.

Hugette & Ben Weider
Groupe de Nutrition - Weider Canada

My wife and I consider ourselves meticulous and demanding clients, but we must say that H2O Landscaping surpassed our expectations. We have received many compliments on how the "new" work blended with the look of our older home.
Guy P. Larin
Montreal West

H2O Landscaping has served our company over the last 10 years, they provide worry free, top of the line service and I highly recommend them to any potential clients.

Michael Pleszkewycz
Lafarge Canada Inc